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Macrame Cactus Essential Oil Diffuser

Macrame Cactus Essential Oil Diffuser

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- Polymer clay

- 1mm waxed cotton cord

- Natural, unfinished wooden bead

- Black clasp bead barrel for easy placement & removal


Every order placed for a clay essential oil diffuser will receive a complimentary 1mL bottle of lavender essential oil!


How to use:

Place 1-3 drops on the black volcano lava bead and/or the natural wooden bead. Do NOT place oil on polymer clay, this will not diffuse the chosen oil correctly. Perfect for use in a car, van, RV or any smaller, enclosed space.


Lavender(Latin; Lavare) ‘to wash’: lavenders aroma is thought to be hypnotic & relaxing while uplifting to the spirit and promoting inner peace. The bluish-purple flower are associated with devotion, grace, and tranquility.


Diffusing Benefits

1. Anxiety reducing effects

2. Promotes relaxation

3. Improves your mood

4. Reduced stress

5. Supports brain function

6. Relieves headache

7. Promotes focus

8. Supports sleep


Made with good vibes & you in mind!


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