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Are SBYB clay earrings heavy?

No, polymer clay is lightweight. Polymer clay is a modeling clay that is made of a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) base, which is also non-toxic. It’s durable and strong but not indestructible and can be scratched. The earrings will not pull on your ears and cause discomfort.

Please read the care instructions at the bottom of this page. Care cards come with each order.

Can I wear my clay earrings in very hot or freezing weather?

It is best not too.

Polymer clay is a PVC. Like plastic it expands in warm weather (becomes very pliable) and restricts in cold weather (becomes very brittle).

To ensure that your earrings last for years and years to come. Be sure to follow the care instructions. Although clay earrings are durable, they are not indestructible and can be scratched.

• Do NOT bend the earrings in hot or cold temperatures.
• Do NOT wear your clay earrings in extremely cold weather for long periods of times, this can cause them to shatter from becoming very brittle.
• Do NOT leave the earrings in the sun or extreme heat for hours, they will become pliable and be prone to imperfections.

Are SBYB earrings hypoallergenic?

All earrings post metals are nickel & lead free and hypoallergenic. Each listing describes the type of metal post used, whether it is surgical steel, stainless steel or 24k gold plated.

Can I buy SBYB earrings in person?

Yes, you can!

We currently have a few earrings at Gifts Inn Boonsboro & SR Studio in Boonsboro, MD. Throughout the year we also participate in markets & craft shows. For information on upcoming events, go to the "More" in the main menu and select "Upcoming Events".

Can SBYB products be purchased for wholesale?


Earrings & essential oil diffusers are available for other small businesses to purchase wholesale on Faire.

Shop Wholesale Here

Does SBYB do customs?

Yes, we can make custom earring, clay essential oil diffusers, keychains & more!

For more information please go the 'Custom Earrings' on the main menu.

Info & Care Instructions

Clay Earring Info & Care Instructions

Store in a cool, dry place. Use of oils, perfumes and deodorants can affect longevity.

Do NOT wear in water or while sleeping. This can cause pieces of the earring to become loose and fall off. Jewelry can easily be scratched.

Do NOT bend jewelry. Jewelry may break if bent or dropped.

Do NOT wear clay jewelry in cold weather. Clay will become fragile and may break.

Do NOT wear clay jewelry in extreme heat, it can warp the design & cause pieces to become very pliable.

To clean, only use a damp (water only), soft cloth and wipe gently. If makeup is on the jewelry, use a makeup remover wipe to remove.

A jewelry care card will come with each order.

Sticker Info & Care Instructions

Stickers are great for tumblers, laptops, phones, tablets, journals, cars, etc.

Use a hair dryer to blow hot air onto the sticker once it is placed where desired, this will help it stick better to the surface.


Essential Oil Diffuser Info & Care Instructions

Place 1-3 drops of chosen essential oil onto wooden ball and/or black volcano bead.

Do NOT place essential oil onto polymer clay piece.

To clean, wipe down with a soft, damp cloth (cold or warm water only). Be sure to store separately as your polymer clay jewelry can be scratched. Do NOT use chemical solvents or commercial jewelry cleaning solutions/ machines.