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Turquoise Cactus Essential Oil Diffusers

Turquoise Cactus Essential Oil Diffusers

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- Polymer clay

- 1mm waxed cotton cord

- Natural, unfinished wooden bead

- Black clasp bead barrel for easy placement & removal


Every order placed for a clay essential oil diffuser will receive a complimentary 1mL bottle of lavender essential oil!


How to use:

Place 1-3 drops on the black volcano lava bead and/or the natural wooden bead. Do NOT place oil on polymer clay, this will not diffuse the chosen oil correctly. Perfect for use in a car, van, RV or any smaller, enclosed space.

Lavender(Latin; Lavare) ‘to wash’: lavenders aroma is thought to be hypnotic & relaxing while uplifting to the spirit and promoting inner peace. The bluish-purple flower are associated with devotion, grace, and tranquility.


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